When To Call A Pest Control Company

Pests in the house or garden are a problem that most homeowners will face at some point, despite their best efforts to control and prevent pests. Mice, rats and other large pests can be stopped to a large extent, although it’s often difficult to fully prevent insects and smaller pests from accessing your home. The following signs can indicate when it’s time to call a professional pest control company to get rid of those unwanted creatures.

Rats and Mice

Various different species are commonly found all over Canada, and perhaps not surprisingly, rats and mice are one of the biggest reasons to call the extermination experts.

Cavity walls, lofts and other cozy places in your home appeal to house mice, which can cause problems all year. As well as spreading disease, in an effort to find food they can chew through electric wiring, clothing and furniture.

Bite marks, droppings or smear marks in your home may be signs that you have a problem with the common brown rat. Just like other rat species, chewing through electric cables and potentially spreading disease are unwanted activities.

Common Insects

It’s not unusual for around 25,000 wasps to live in a single wasps’ nest. Although they prefer to make nests underground or in bushes or trees, they can enter your home through an open window and nest in a walk cavity or your loft. Many people regard them as the worst pest because of their tendency to nest and their unpleasant sting.

Fruit flies and bluebottles are just two of the many fly species that pest control companies routinely tackle, all of which can cause food poisoning and spread disease. A professional extermination company may be needed if you notice a lot of flies; the occasional fly can be killed with sprays available at your local home and garden shop.

Spiders in Canada are actually harmless, and because they eat mosquitoes, flies and other pests, they can be a good thing. But of course, you don’t want too many of them, and a Vancouver pest control company may need to be called if you seem to have a serious spider problem.

Other Less Common Pests

Little piles of fine powdery soil may be a sign of an ants’ nest in your back garden, and ants in your garden aren’t really a problem. But a pest extermination company may need to be called if you spot ants inside your house.

Another reason to contact a pest control company is if you spot cockroaches in your home. These creatures are most active after dark when they eat just about any food you may have sitting out. They like warm places in your home, such as the cavities in your walls.

Make Sure You Get Expert Help

Pests in your home can lead to health issues and can cause costly damage to your home. Getting the right help as soon as possible is important, rather than trying to tackle the pest problem yourself. Addressing the problem sooner rather than later and calling a reliable pest control company can make a big difference, and can prevent your pest problem from getting any worse.