Welcome To Our Pest Control Services

General Pest Control is a family-owned business that you can depend upon for quality pest control. We provide the best in effective pest management services for residential and commercial customers. This is because we are both professional and experienced in the pest control business and have been serving Rockland County and the surrounding area for over 15 years. Furthermore, our reliable “satisfaction guarantee” means returning customers who feel safe in our hands.

We Do Residential Pest Control

The array of pests that can wreak havoc in your home are numerous, and we deal with all of them. Now your home has everything a bug, spider or rodent needs to breed and multiply; warmth from the elements, shelter and food. In addition, these three factors make for the perfect breeding ground for pests which means even more pests from population growth.

But for each pest that invades your home, we have a method to get rid of it. Our professional and friendly pest exterminators are always happy to answer any questions that you may have too. Plus; to give you further peace of mind, you can schedule a monthly residential pest management program with our trained office staff. Now our plan is not only affordable but will prevent future pest infestations.

We Do Commercial Pest Control

If you have a pest or rodent problem on your commercial property, damage to the property is only one of the concerns. This is because employees, customers and vendors can feel threatened by rodents, spiders or insects. So the pests are not only a liability and even a danger to everyone’s health, but can hurt your business image. But General Pest Control is well equipped to handle pests of every kind in Rockland County and the surrounding area. So if you have a pest control problem, call us.

We Do Industrial Pest Control

Bugs, spiders and rodents love warehouses and large storage areas. In these places they can hide in areas which are difficult to reach; tall shelves and even boxes of merchandise. Our industrial exterminators will check your building from floor to ceiling; and everywhere in-between, to get to the bottom of your pest problem to keep your business pest free.