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Wasps can either be social and live in colonies, or solitary and live alone. Now a social wasp can live in a colony that has thousands of wasps, and the female workers do all the work. But a solitary wasp doesn’t have a colony, lives alone, and the eggs they have are left to hatch alone. Also some wasps are aggressive and can sting multiple times when they feel threatened. Too, some wasps have larvae that are parasites because these wasps lay their eggs on other insects and then their larvae feed off the hosts. Furthermore, some wasps act as pollinators and feed on the nectar from flowers. So wasps are important to the environment because many kinds consume pest insects, however, this doesn’t mean that they have to live in your home or business. So if you do have a wasp problem, you’ll most likely need to call in a professional to handle it.

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Wasps have three main reasons why they want to take up residence in a home or business. They are looking for a nesting site, or they need a place that’s protected to overwinter; or it was by accident.

Wasps build nests either near openings which lead inside the house or inside the house itself. They particularly like to construct nests in the void of a wall or in an attic. Importantly, you may see a wasp flying in and out of a void and decide to seal up the exit to kill any other wasps. However, the wasps still aren’t dead and will start chewing through the wallboards or ceiling. Then you’ll have a whole nest of now angry wasps flying around your home or business.

Also, some wasp queens will look for an interior, protected space inside to overwinter. Since some wasp species have a lifecycle which depends upon the queen finding a protected site for the winter, then finding a nice attic is perfect. So when the queen has found a place to call home, the wasp settles down and stops flying around. But when spring comes, it wants to get outdoors and build a nest; then it can be trouble, especially if it can’t get out and decides that your house is a good spring and summer home.

Now as far as the accidental wasp, it may have hitchhiked on someone coming in the door; or come in a window as examples.


If a wasp nest is found inside your home or business, it can be a very serious problem. There can be a problem with stinging or an allegoric reaction by a person to a wasp sting. Too, wasps can damage wallboards or ceilings with their chewing. Now if a one wasp gets in to overwinter, it will just overwinter and then want to go outside in the spring and won’t likely sting if it’s not threatened. So this really isn’t much of a problem if it can get out. However, if a hitchhiking wasp gets inside and builds a nest; and then its discovered, then that’s a problem for the unwary person finding the nest and anyone else who later gets near it.


Using an exterminator to deal with a wasp problem is the best route to take. A professional wasp exterminator knows what type of wasps are aggressive too and which aren’t. With this information, the professional pest control expert can then help you to decide upon what method will work best for your problem. Also, suggestions will be made on how to discourage future wasp intrusions. Furthermore; if you use General Pest Control, the equipment and products that we use won’t endanger people or pets.

If you have a wasp control problem in Pearl River, NY, or Sparkill, NY, or in any of the Rockland County area, call us immediately. Wasp control is one of the things that we do best!

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