skunk control

Skunks come in different sizes depending on what specie they are. The good thing about them is that they feed on rodents such as moles, ground squirrels, rats, shrews and other small mammals that can destroy a home’s foundation. They also keep the population of insects down. The down side is that they do property damage and feed on poultry and eggs. Plus, they love a good dig in a vegetable garden and to forage for insects in lawns which can cause destruction to property. Too, they will damage beehives, killing bees which is a major concern for professional beekeepers. Additionally, they will dig under your foundations and low decks which is even more of a concern if they nest there. Famously, when agitated or angered, a skunk will shoot a thick, stinging, smelly oil up to 20 feet with accuracy up to 10 feet. It can do this several times if it feels threatened. This fluid can cause temporary blindness and pain in humans and pets. Getting rid of skunks isn’t easy, and you need a professional pest control company to deal with this problem.

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Skunks look for small existing holes next to structures which they can expand so that they can create dens. Skunks are nocturnal and don’t hibernate, but they will remain in these dens for weeks when it’s extremely cold. These dens cannot always be seen, but if you see furrows in the ground by your trash area or have trash bags ripped open, you may have a skunk problem. Their smell is also noticeable if they’re on your property and become agitated. If you notice signs of a skunk taking up residence, call your pest control company. Don’t try to get rid of them on your own because they can be a real problem if they feel threatened.

General Pest Control will send out one of our professional pest control people to survey your property for skunks. We will find any dens near the foundation of your home and deal with skunks that are hiding. Also, you will be told how to make your property undesirable for skunk habitation. Additionally, we will trap and remove the skunks in other places on your property. So, if you are having a skunk problem in the Montebello, NY area, or in surrounding Rockland County; call General Pest Control today.

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