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A couple of squirrels or chipmunks coming in from the woods that they live in by your property can be cute; peering in your windows and scampering around flicking their tails, but the damage done if they live on your business or residential property isn’t. Squirrels and chipmunks can be a nuisance throughout the year, but especially during the oncoming winter months. This is because these rodents may try to find a way into your home and property to set up a nest for the winter. Too, they will dig up bulbs in your gardens and bundle and hide food inside gardening containers to the annoyance of gardeners. Importantly though, if they’re inside your home or business, they can chew wires causing a real fire hazard. Also, the nesting material that they bring into a home or business can contain mites, fleas and ticks. So, if you have a squirrel or chipmunk problem, you need pest control.

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The signs that you have a squirrel problem aren’t difficult to perceive. You can hear them scratching around in the walls and in the ceiling. Since they’re moving in and out of your home or business gathering food, they have probably set up a nest too where it is safest to them; your business building or home. How they got in is that they probably gained access to your property by running across a power line, then coming down a chimney or through an unseen crack or hole in your roof or wall. Now squirrels can cause a lot of damage both inside and outside.

Chipmunks do damage in other ways. They eat flower bulbs and burrow in places where they shouldn’t. A burrowing chipmunk can loosen a business or home’s foundation though; or a retaining wall with their constant digging.


You will need professional help to remove squirrels and chipmunks. So when you call us at General Pest Control, we will visit your home or business and our pest control exterminator will help you with your problem. So our professional will survey your property and mark down all the entry spots that the squirrels can enter in from. Next, your foundation will be checked for burrowing activity. The final step is removing all the squirrels from the premises and sealing up any holes or areas that are exposed.

If you are having squirrel and chipmunk activity in West Nyack, NY, or in any of Rockland County’s surrounding area; call us.

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