rat control

Rats are bad even outside of the horror movies they appear in. They chew on electrical wires causing fires and contaminate food and have even caused real life starvation when they have eaten up grain supplies left unsecured or unguarded. In addition, when contacting humans, they can transmit diseases; thus posing a serious health hazard risk. Also the filth they leave behind can get into so many places because rats can squeeze through even very small openings which you might have thought would be otherwise. So in a home you could pull out a set of sheets from a closet and find rat droppings on them if you have a rat problem. Plus, rats are mean if this wasn’t enough. Now at General Pest Control we can help you if you have rats in or around your home or business, but first some more facts so you that know what you’re up against if you have this kind of problem.

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The rat which is found most commonly in the United States is called the Norway rat. The more common names for it are: house rat, sewer rat, brown rat and wharf rat. This rat is found in every state. The first time you see one in your home, you need to call a rat exterminator to implement rat control because rats are very social creatures so that they will work with one another for the common good; a common good that doesn’t include you. They are also extremely intelligent, which is why they are used in scientific research, so getting into your bread box isn’t a great challenge for them. Additionally, rats adapt easily to whatever environment they’re in as well as reproducing, not only quickly, but often. So a few rats can turn into a colony in no time.

Too, rats are associated with such diseases as Rat-Bite fever and Leptospirosis. Rat Bite fever is a disease contracted from the bite of a rat that causes fever or vomiting; with inflammation of the skin. Leptospirosis can lead to meningitis (inflammation of the membrane around the brain and spinal cord), kidney damage, respiratory distress, liver failure; and even death if left untreated. As you can see, rat infestation is a serious issue.


The problem in dealing with rats in a home or business is not just the individual rat, but to control the whole rat population. So rat control is a many sided spectrum starting with a careful inspection by a rat exterminator. Next comes sanitation upgrades to see what is drawing the rats; and then actually rat-proofing your home or building. Now rats can come in through holes, cracks and other damaged areas of your home or building. So these entrance ways have to be sealed or repaired to prevent rats from re-entering.

Next, rodenticides need to be used, as well snap traps and glue boards to start the process of getting rid of the rats. We here at General Pest Control can handle a rat infestation. So if you have a rat problem in Hillcrest, NY, or Monsey, NY, or anywhere within the Rockland County area; call us.