When you have tenants renting in an apartment building, the last thing you want is a pest control problem. Tenants are concerned when cockroaches are in their cereal boxes or their wires are being chewed on by mice; especially if it causes a fire. Plus; a pest infestation in one part of the building will, when left untreated, spread throughout the building quickly. With all the other issues facing landlords today, handling pest problems and tenant lawsuits from this shouldn’t be one of them.

Facts about General Pest Control

  • We are a family owned business
  • We are dedicated to our customers
  • We have 15 years of extermination experience
  • Our employees are highly trained and experienced exterminators


The solution to pest control is to call us so that we can evaluate your entire property. Here, we will find the entrance and exit points and the nests of the problem animal, spider or bug. After detecting what pests are giving you problems, we will then develop a custom pest control solution for you. We will seal up any entry and exit points discovered and use environmentally friendly techniques to remove or eradicate pest nests and pests.

Because we value the health of your tenants, we will use only the pest control solutions with the lowest impact environmentally. However; if the infestation is severe, other measures may have to be used. If they are used, the guidelines of safety and health will be followed explicitly. By using the latest in technology, we can monitor pest activity too. Since different floors may have different pest activity, this keeps us ahead of future problems and allows for better prevention measures. It allows us also the ability to see what areas need to be serviced first so that we can best use the time spent doing your pest management program.

Whether you have a small pest problem or a large pest control problem in Kaser, NY, or anywhere within the Rockland County area; call General Pest Control today.

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