pigeon control

Pigeons are one of the number one bird pests. Not only are they a nuisance around residential homes but businesses too. One reason is the potential health issues that pigeons can cause from droppings but also the possibility of people slipping. Pigeons can spread histoplasmosis, Cyptocococcocis and Psittacosis. Pigeons can clog gutters with nest debris and droppings as well as spread parasites such as fleas, mites and ticks. These aren’t birds you want around your home or business.

We will use bird deterrent devices which won’t detract from the appearance of your building. We also provide cleanup service to remove existing bird nests as well as waste. We will remove birds safely from your building both safely and humanely by using state of the art trapping techniques planned by our pest removal experts. We will come up with a plan that won’t just capture birds that won’t leave but prevent them from coming back.

If pigeons are overrunning your property and you’ve tried everything, we have a long term solution. OvoControl is a specially formulated bait that causes interference with the hatchability of pigeon eggs. It will reduce the population of the pigeons in the area needed by a 50% decline within the first year. OvoControl is registered by the EPA for use on pigeons, ducks and geese. It can only be used by a licensed pest control professional. Call us at General Pest Control today.

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If large flocks of pigeons are overtaking, for example; your business, hotel, school or airport in the Stony Point, NY or surrounding Rockland County area, call us at General Pest Control today.