Keeping drugs from being contaminated by pests is one of the main responsibilities of a pharmaceutical company. Just one pest can contaminate an entire supply of drugs and cause losses on your balance sheet. This can cause a setback of millions of dollars. A pest control problem of this importance can only be handled by a professional extermination company.

Facts about General Pest Control

  • We are a family owned business
  • We are dedicated to our customers
  • We have 15 years of extermination experience
  • Our employees are highly trained and experienced exterminators


If there is a pest control problem in your pharmaceutical company, finding a solution as soon as possible is the answer. By taking the initiative and handling the issue, your company will be back in production sooner. To accomplish this, we will look for the entry and exit points of pests and seal up all cracks or holes used by the pests. Sanitation methods will be employed so that your building will pass any inspection dealing with pests. Also, our pest inspection technician will search for potential problems throughout your facility so that your business will avoid future infestations. Our focus is on pest treatment, preventive measures and consistent monitoring after the problem is solved.

If you have a pest control problem in a Pomona, NY, or in the surrounding Rockland County area; call General Pest Control today.

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