opossum control

An opossum lives in suburban and wooded areas. They are nocturnal marsupials and will eat almost anything. This includes roadkill, rotten fruit, grass, garbage, insects, snakes and birds. An opossum also will play dead by curling up while lying on to its back and sticking out its tongue. When doing this they will squirt a foul fluid from their anuses and stare off into space in the process of playing dead. This is one aspect of dealing with an opossum you meet unexpectedly. However, they may bare their teeth and hiss when confronted instead. Opossums should only be dealt with by a professional pest control expert.

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Opossums move into attics, sheds, garages in residential areas. Their nests are made up of twigs, grass, cloth scraps and other materials which they find. They build the nests in dark secluded places, and they sleep in the daytime there. Opossums won’t intentionally attack humans, but they are a danger to people because they carry tuberculosis, spotted fever, Chagas disease, toxoplasmosis as well as lice; fleas and mites.


To keep opossums from making a home around your property any entrances to attics or garages should secure and have a proper seal when closed. Also the windows into these areas need to be properly sealed too. Additionally, gaps in walls, siding and attic vents need to be repaired; and branches and shrubbery that overhang entrance areas opossums find attractive, like the ones leading to attics, should be trimmed.

Opossums are considered wild animals and protected under gaming codes so they need to be removed by a pest control specialist. If you’re have opossums around your home that are a problem in the New Square, NY, and the surrounding Rockland County area; call General Pest Control today.

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