mosquito control

Adult female mosquitoes feed on blood because they need the iron and protein in the blood to make their eggs. Adult mosquitoes usually are most active from dusk until dawn. However, they will also come out on cloudy days and inhabit dark shady areas. They aren’t active in the sun because it could cause them to desiccate and die. Mosquito females lay their eggs in standing water, especially if its stagnant. This water source for breeding could be anything from puddles, to bird baths, to forgotten containers. One female can lay over 100 eggs at one time. Since mosquitoes spread the Nile Virus, malaria and dengue; all of which are now major problems because of the growth of global travel, a mosquito infestation is something that needs to be dealt with by a pest control company.

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Signs of mosquito activity are mosquito bites and the constant buzzing of the adult females. Different people have different reactions to the bite of a mosquito. These reactions range from a mild itchy irritation, to violent itching, swelling and even intense inflammation. Another sign of mosquito activity is wriggling, wormlike larvae in standing water.


The treatment for mosquitoes is a combination of source reduction by eliminating standing water problem areas and the use of a chemical control product or products. Also, recommendations by our specialist from General Pest Control will involve finding entry points into the home, business or hospital that the mosquitos are using to enter building. Further treatments may involve using insecticide and growth regulators along with controlling the vegetation that the mosquitoes rest on. DIY methods may work to keep mosquitoes off of you, but they don’t control major source problems and a large influx of mosquitoes. To do these things you need to call a professional exterminator using expert mosquito control techniques.

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