mite control

There are thousands of species of mites, and most aren’t any bigger than 1 mm in length. They begin as eggs and go through a larval and then a pupal stage before they arrive at full maturation. Also, mites can survive both on land and in the water. Some species are parasitic in nature, but most aren’t harmful to animals. Some of the ones that are parasitic are listed below:

  • bird mites
  • chigger mites
  • red mites
  • clover mites
  • scabies
  • southern red mites

Mites which are parasites cause a skin irritation in animals called mange. The bird mites attach to poultry, and the spider mites are particularly destructive to some crops. Some parasitic mites reside in the respiratory tracts of the host, which is medically dangerous. In addition, a disease can be transferred by a group of mites which are called chiggers. If you have a mite infestation, you need to call a professional exterminator.

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Signs of a mite infestation depend upon which type of mite is causing this problem. An infestation of dust mites living in carpets, rugs or mattresses can cause allergies or asthma to act up; for instance. Or if you have issues with pigeons, or other bird species making nests and roosting around your home, mites may also become a problem since birds carry them. The actual mites can be hard to see though without a magnifying glass, unless on a clean surface. But though the signs of an infestation are evident, they are sometimes not understood. As an example, some mite species produce a silk like webbing on plants. This can cause the plants to lose their leaves and die. But people may assume spiders and not put these signs together. Other mites which feed on people and animals cause irritations to erupt on the skin, but other things cause skin irritations so this sign may not be understood.

It is important for you to understand the signs of a mite infestation though and act. If you suspect you have mites which are causing a problem, then General Pest Control can eradicate them. We can use our pest control treatments for mites; so call us.

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