mice control

An infestation of mice not only causes health risks, but can cause stress and fear in some people. Also, mice will rummage through food, chew on electrical wiring causing fires and leave a trail of mice feces throughout a home or business. Now most people don’t really think about mice until they see one in their home or business. But if you do see one, know that they not only can cause an unpleasant smell in your home by their droppings, but bring in diseases. So if you have a mice infestation, then you may need to call an expert exterminator. But first some facts about mice so you that know about the problems they can cause.

Facts about General Pest Control

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There are three different kinds of mice which live in the United States, but only two pertain to our area. These are the Deer Mouse and the House Mouse.

  • Deer Mouse: Deer mice like to live in the woods, but sometimes they will come into a home, hang out in sheds or any other buildings that are located in or around wooded areas. Also, not only do they carry some potential health concerns, but they can destroy wooden structures as well. Now these mice are about 2-4 inches in length with a tail that can be 2-5 inches long. They are can be grayish in color, but additionally can have a buff coloring; or reddish brown coloring on the sides and tops, with white fur on their stomachs. In addition, they are nocturnal and come out at night to hunt for food. They can climb even into high up attics and up to the top floors of buildings. Also, deer mice carry the hantavirus which is dangerous to humans.
  • House Mouse: These mice are active all year so they can show up in your home or business anytime. They have small feet and heads with have large eyes and ears. They live in the ground and like to burrow, but they can climb. Their favorite foods in homes are cereals, and they will eat up to 3g a day.


Mice enter your home or business through cracks, crevices and holes in your business or home. You know you have a problem, besides seeing one or more, if you see droppings or hear chewing sounds in the walls. This is particularly bad since mice will chew through electrical wire besides causing other damage. So if you see or hear these signs, then you need a mouse exterminator.

Now we at General Pest Control can help with your mice problem. Our professionals will inspect your home, your property or your business for entryways which the mice are using. Then a plan will be drawn up to be put into operation to rid the mice from your property. Don’t put up with mice another minute if you live in New City, NY, or Orangeburg, NY, or the surrounding Rockland County area; call us today.

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