This is a program for our customers who prefer pest management with a reduced risk approach. With this service, our staff entomologist will conduct a pest identification and pest inspection survey. Then there will a monitoring of the pest and advice on habitat modification. There will also be recommendations on how to reduce the influx of potential pest and if treatment is needed, to provide it. Records will be kept of all necessary applications and what recommendations were made.

Excellent communication between the customer and the professional control expert is needed. The program offered is one of long-tern pest management with pest prevention protocols. The customer will be taught what conditions will attract pests and then keep them around.

There will be an inspection of the property, both interior and exterior, for the presence of pests or the threat of potential pests. Recommendations will be made regarding harborage, water and food source for the pests to access. Access points will be sealed and, if needed, more extensive work if necessary to other access points.

If rodenticides have to be used, they will be of an anti-coagulant nature. Any applications will be restricted to only tamper resistant stations. These stations will be noted in the facility log with the location and number. Organic or reduced risk insecticide applications will be applied if necessary. All applications will be kept on record.

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