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Gnats are a common name given to many small, flying insects. They are full grown adults though and not babies. They are not baby flies as is sometimes assumed. The common species most people think of as gnats that they deal with are fruit flies or fungus gnats. Also, depending on what species it is, the gnat can bite or not bite, eat plants, drink blood or eat other insects. Some gnats are beneficial because they’re plant pollinators and eat pests like scales and aphids. However, the fungus gnats and fruit flies are the ones that invade your home and swarm all over your houseplants and fruit. If you’re having a gnat problem, to get rid of these pest you need to call an exterminator for home or business pest control.

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Because gnats are so small, most people don’t take gnats flying around in their home or business as a serious problem. However, it’s important to remember gnats will reproduce quickly, and you will soon have a swarm. This is when it becomes a real problem. When you have an infestation of fungus gnats, they attack your house plants at the roots because they feed on the roots and root hairs of the plant. If the gnat population is large, they can destroy all your house or garden plants. On the other hand, if the gnats are fruit flies, they will lay their eggs in the fruit that is overripe or starting to ferment. The larvae will eat the fruit as they mature into flies, and the process starts all over again.

DIY methods only treat the actual gnat separately from the larvae. For an infestation to be brought under total control, including the larvae, you need to call a professional exterminator. When you call General Pest Control, we will send out our professional; the technician will locate the source of the infestation and begin the extermination process so that your home or business will be soon free of the pest problem.

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