When you are in the food and beverage industry, sanitation and having unadulterated products are the most important qualities dealing with this business. Utilizing the pest management techniques under our plan can accomplish one aspect of this. Using the newest technology, pests will be removed by using the methods that are the least toxic to the environment and people. When we find and identify the pests that have moved in and taken up residence, we will develop a plan just for your facility.

Facts about General Pest Control

  • We are a family owned business
  • We are dedicated to our customers
  • We have 15 years of extermination experience
  • Our employees are highly trained and experienced exterminators


In the infested areas, we will do a sanitation cleanup extensively. Areas will be inspected for entry points and then those will be sealed and treated. Vacuums will be used; disinfectants and the least toxic of chemicals accordingly will be employed.

Also, small openings, holes, cracks in the foundation and broken pipes used as access points will be repaired as examples of more preventative measures which we will take. In addition, the use of “green pest control” products that have the least impact on the environment; and on your food and drink preparation and handling facilities, is important to us at General Pest Control which is why we use them.


Cockroach control

Rodents this includes mice and rats

Fly control

Bird control

Ant control

Random wildlife includes squirrels, chipmunks, racoons and skunks

Weevil control

Beetle control

Spider control

If you have pest control problems in the Monsey, NY, and surrounding Rockland County area; call General Pest Control today.

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