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Flea infestation of a home is a problem that needs immediate remedy. This is because adult fleas are parasites which drink the blood of its host causing infections and anemia. If a pet swallows one when grooming itself, that animal can become ill from other parasites the flea carries. The eggs and larvae of the flea are also a problem. The eggs will be laid throughout a home. When the eggs hatch the resulting larvae will feed on the feces of the adult flea which has the undigested blood of the host in it. The feces from a flea infestation will be on the ground, bedding, carpet, furniture and in cracks in the floor. This means an escalating cycle of eggs hatching to larva and growing into adult fleas, which then bite animals and people. Since adult fleas are easy to see, people direct their attention to removing them, not realizing that the eggs and larvae are still present. Since getting rid of all the fleas, eggs and larvae is the main issue, a professional exterminator should be contacted for this problem.

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There are signs when you do have a home flea infestation. One is if your pets are constantly scratching and grooming even if treated. This is because your pets are uncomfortable because of the flea bites and activity. People can also be bitten by fleas which leaves behind a red itchy mark for each bite. Flea activity is additionally noticeable by the flea dirt, which is adult flea feces. These look like grains of pepper and will be on carpets, rugs, pet beds; on pets and anywhere a pet lies.


The problem with DIY flea control methods in the case of a home flea infestation is that you still have fleas in the home after the pets are treated. Since 95 percent of the fleas will be in the home and not on a pet, the problem escalates. This means that even if you kill all the fleas, eggs and larvae on a pet, the fleas in the home are not killed. This is why you need professional pest control when your home has a significant flea population.

Here at General Pest Control, our professional exterminator will identify the extent of the problem needing flea extermination. There will be an inspection for animals other than pets also that may be carrying fleas into the house, including rodents. A plan then will be set up to eliminate the fleas on pets and in the home. All affected areas will be treated and a follow up visit scheduled.

You can’t handle a flea invasion on your own; call General Pest Control for professional help.

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