Keeping your compactor chute clean is something you may not really have thought about. However, studies have shown that if you can smell bacteria, it can cause harmful effects in your eyes, nose and throat. With all the different types of trash that builds up in a compactor, different bacteria do too. Since the garbage is tossed into the compactor and will sit there for a couple of hours, bacteria will multiply quickly. Or, just the combination of different bacteria will make for a harmful combination.

Too, since pest are attracted to the smell of garbage; insects, rodents and other pests will find their way in.

The solution is to call General Pest Control. We will pre-soak, power wash and deodorize your compactor chute for you. By pre-soaking and using a degreaser, it loosens garbage which may be stuck to the walls of the chute. We then use a powerful disinfectant that will get rid of the microbes and it doesn’t contain odors or harsh chemicals. Third, we deodorize by applying an enzyme treatment which will not only feed on bacteria but leave you with a fresh smelling chute

In addition, because the dirt from the chute is also highly dangerous and can cause health complications, we offer Chute Dusting Treatment. This consists of applying insecticide dust by a dust machine. Also, is applied a residual insecticide application and a growth regulator application. The application of these three steps, will keep the breeding ground for pest infestations under control when serviced on a bi monthly or quarterly treatment schedule

Facts about General Pest Control

  • We are a family owned business
  • We are dedicated to our customers
  • We have 15 years of extermination experience
  • Our employees are highly trained and experienced exterminators

If your compactor chute needs pest control treatment in the Thiells, NY or surrounding Rockland County area, call General Pest Control today.

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