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Just the word “cockroaches” is enough to give people an uneasy feeling. Knowing that they only come out at night to feast on your food can make you feel even more uneasy when the lights are out too when you know you have a problem. In addition, some species have been known to bite humans; taking a nip out of feet, hands, fingernails and even eyelashes. Usually though if food is not limited, they don’t bother humans. However; if a cockroach does bite you, it can cause lesions, swelling or irritations and can even cause minor wound infections. Now cockroaches are attracted to food sources such as trash cans, dishes of uneaten pet food, drains, dishwaters, etc. Also if you do have a cockroach infestation, you’ll probably need to call a cockroach exterminator to destroy them.

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A cockroach can grow up to 2 inches in length. However; the tropical species can be much larger. Also cockroach has six legs; some have wings and two antennae. But even through some cockroaches have wings, they don’t fly very well. Now cockroaches belong to Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Arthropoda, Class Insecta and Order Blatteria. Some of these species are considered pests because they invade human dwellings. Other species are considered beneficial to the environment because they recycle organic material which is decaying. The cockroaches which are considered pests can carry a various amount of diseases too because they are found where food is present or near waste deposits; and they will go back and forth between the two if given access.

In addition, your home is a perfect environment for them because of its warmth and the plentiful amount of food, water and nesting sites. This allows them to be active all year around. Plus; cockroaches multiply quickly and for each one you do see, there are so many more that you don’t. Also, since cockroaches are nocturnal, if you do see any during the day, it means the infestation is bad and they were forced out because of overcrowding; not a good sign. Further cockroach droppings, cast-off skins, and dead cockroaches can cause an aggravation of allergies, especially in individuals who are sensitive to this type of issue such as children.


Cockroaches enter your home from various entry points. They can come in from the outside through any crevices or cracks that you have in your walls. They can enter through sewer and drain pipes and vents. They can even be brought into your home by hitching rides in boxes, purses, grocery bags and on you. On top of this, cockroaches are really good at hiding so that it’s difficult to find them. In addition, their eggs have a natural protection from many over the counter DIY treatments and insecticides. So without professional help, you’re going to be fighting a hard to impossible battle.


Getting rid of cockroaches isn’t easy. If you use gel baits, they eat it and are killed. However; some of them are finicky and won’t eat it. So they ignore it, produce more of them and then the gel dries out and its useless. If you use a DIY fogger, it will kill the pests that it reaches, but doesn’t get into the cracks and crevices. Since this is where they hide, most of them will survive. Too, cockroaches have shown resistance to DIY foggers and some don’t die from being exposed to it. Plus; if foggers are used incorrectly, they pose a health risk to both humans and pets.

So the only way to know that you’ve definitely gotten rid of them is to hire a professional for a cockroach treatment. So please call us at General Pest Control. Our professional exterminators will come to your home and do an inspection. After the inspection, a treatment or series of treatment will be planned for you. Don’t hesitate if you have cockroaches in the Blauvelt, NY, and the Congers areas; and the surrounding Rockland County area, call us today!

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