When To Call A Pest Control Company

Pests in the house or garden are a problem that most homeowners will face at some point, despite their best efforts to control and prevent pests. Mice, rats and other large pests can be stopped to a large extent, although it’s often difficult to fully prevent insects and smaller pests from accessing your home. The following signs can indicate when it’s time to call a professional pest control company to get rid of those unwanted creatures.

Rats and Mice

Various different species are commonly found all over Canada, and perhaps not surprisingly, rats and mice are one of the biggest reasons to call the extermination experts.

Cavity walls, lofts and other cozy places in your home appeal to house mice, which can cause problems all year. As well as spreading disease, in an effort to find food they can chew through electric wiring, clothing and furniture.

Bite marks, droppings or smear marks in your home may be signs that you have a problem with the common brown rat. Just like other rat species, chewing through electric cables and potentially spreading disease are unwanted activities.

Common Insects

It’s not unusual for around 25,000 wasps to live in a single wasps’ nest. Although they prefer to make nests underground or in bushes or trees, they can enter your home through an open window and nest in a walk cavity or your loft. Many people regard them as the worst pest because of their tendency to nest and their unpleasant sting.

Fruit flies and bluebottles are just two of the many fly species that pest control companies routinely tackle, all of which can cause food poisoning and spread disease. A professional extermination company may be needed if you notice a lot of flies; the occasional fly can be killed with sprays available at your local home and garden shop.

Spiders in Canada are actually harmless, and because they eat mosquitoes, flies and other pests, they can be a good thing. But of course, you don’t want too many of them, and a Vancouver pest control company may need to be called if you seem to have a serious spider problem.

Other Less Common Pests

Little piles of fine powdery soil may be a sign of an ants’ nest in your back garden, and ants in your garden aren’t really a problem. But a pest extermination company may need to be called if you spot ants inside your house.

Another reason to contact a pest control company is if you spot cockroaches in your home. These creatures are most active after dark when they eat just about any food you may have sitting out. They like warm places in your home, such as the cavities in your walls.

Make Sure You Get Expert Help

Pests in your home can lead to health issues and can cause costly damage to your home. Getting the right help as soon as possible is important, rather than trying to tackle the pest problem yourself. Addressing the problem sooner rather than later and calling a reliable pest control company can make a big difference, and can prevent your pest problem from getting any worse.

When Is It Time To Call The Exterminator?

A pest infestation is probably one of the worst fears of most homeowners. If you have been affected by an infestation of bed bugs, wasps or ants, then read on.

Mice and insects often make their presence felt by the sounds they make, and it could be an indication that your home has a mice or insect infestation of you routinely hear scratching or rustling sounds from inside your walls.

These pests also often smell unpleasant, and if you notice a bad odour, it may be time to call in the exterminator. But exactly how do you know when extermination is the right solution? You’ll have a better idea of when to call the exterminator when you follow these signs:

1) The Problem Seems Serious To You

You can quite easily get rid of a few ants from your kitchen without calling in an extermination company, so the first step is to determine just how serious the pest problem seems to be.

However, it may be time to call the experts if you keep trapping mice in your house every day, although one mouse every so often isn’t necessarily a problem. But it’s generally better to call an exterminator if you just aren’t sure.

2) You’ve Tried To Solve the Problem Yourself, But Without Success

If you have tried putting down traps on the kitchen floor and using chemicals that you can find at your local home and garden store, but without making too much difference, it may be time to call the experts. If you just aren’t getting anywhere by tackling the problem yourself, it’s likely to get worse before it gets better, and that may be a sure sign to call your local exterminator.

3) You Worry About Your Family’s Safety

Some people are allergic to wasp bites, which means it makes more sense to call an expert rather than try to tackle the infestation yourself. Wasps can easily become aggressive if you try to destroy their nest without really knowing what you are doing. And using pesticides and chemicals wrongly can also be a health hazard to you and your family.

An expert has access to safer and more efficient pest control measures, such as putting a swarm of bees in a bee vacuum and then transferring them somewhere else. You probably don’t have access to specialized equipment and the expertise of a reliable extermination company.

You also play your part in helping the environment when you call in a professional, as well as ensure the job is carried out safely without presenting any hazards.

4) You Just Don’t Like Bugs or Rodents

Having to deal with nests of ants, dead rodents or other pests yourself isn’t fun for most of us. It’s probably a lot easier to simply call an exterminator, rather than trying to put down a few mousetraps yourself.

And most of us don’t want to know what lies behind the walls of our house if we hear rustling and scratching noises from back there. Much better to call the exterminating company and allow them to do their job.

5) An Expert Exterminator May Be Needed

Sometimes, it really does take an expert to solve your pest problem and get rid of all traces. It’s very hard to get rid of bed bugs, and although you can try yourself, you really need an expert.

6) You Have Animals Or Children In Your Home

Using potentially dangerous chemicals at home isn’t recommended in a house where children reside, or if you have pets. An expert exterminator won’t cause harm to you or your family, as they are trained to use chemicals and pesticides safely and properly.

7) You Have All the Problems Described Here

Calling the exterminator means that any pest issue is dealt with quickly, and the sooner you call someone, the better. Taking action sooner rather than later can also prevent the pest infestation from getting worse.

Unusual noises in your house, such as scratching or chewing noises, may be a sign that you have some sort of pest problem, especially if you hear these sounds at night. You can also get a clue about the type of infestation you may have by looking for certain visual signs, such as dead bodies, fecal matter or discarded skin.

If you like to buy furniture and other items at yard sales or thrift stores, you run the risk of buying something that might be infested with pests, especially bed bugs. One of your pets can bring fleas into your home, and you may not even know you have a flea infestation until it’s too late. And family members or friends visiting your home can unknowingly bring pests into your home.

8) Pests Are Attacking You

You may well realize it’s time to call in a professional exterminator if you are actually being attacked by the pests that have infiltrated your home. You may well have a bed bug problem if you notice blood stains on your pillows and sheets, or your mattress has black spots on it, especially on the seams. And you may find yourself waking up in the night scratching, or perhaps wake in the morning to find you are covered with bites. Clearly, any of these signs mean it’s time to call a reliable exterminator company to deal with the problem, and not delay any longer or try to take care of the problem by yourself.

Welcome To Our Pest Control Services

General Pest Control is a family-owned business that you can depend upon for quality pest control. We provide the best in effective pest management services for residential and commercial customers. This is because we are both professional and experienced in the pest control business and have been serving Rockland County and the surrounding area for over 15 years. Furthermore, our reliable “satisfaction guarantee” means returning customers who feel safe in our hands.

We Do Residential Pest Control

The array of pests that can wreak havoc in your home are numerous, and we deal with all of them. Now your home has everything a bug, spider or rodent needs to breed and multiply; warmth from the elements, shelter and food. In addition, these three factors make for the perfect breeding ground for pests which means even more pests from population growth.

But for each pest that invades your home, we have a method to get rid of it. Our professional and friendly pest exterminators are always happy to answer any questions that you may have too. Plus; to give you further peace of mind, you can schedule a monthly residential pest management program with our trained office staff. Now our plan is not only affordable but will prevent future pest infestations.

We Do Commercial Pest Control

If you have a pest or rodent problem on your commercial property, damage to the property is only one of the concerns. This is because employees, customers and vendors can feel threatened by rodents, spiders or insects. So the pests are not only a liability and even a danger to everyone’s health, but can hurt your business image. But General Pest Control is well equipped to handle pests of every kind in Rockland County and the surrounding area. So if you have a pest control problem, call us.

We Do Industrial Pest Control

Bugs, spiders and rodents love warehouses and large storage areas. In these places they can hide in areas which are difficult to reach; tall shelves and even boxes of merchandise. Our industrial exterminators will check your building from floor to ceiling; and everywhere in-between, to get to the bottom of your pest problem to keep your business pest free.