bird netting

There are some species of birds which are considered pests and a real nuisance. Bird pests can enter your building through a damaged roof, unseen holes in the walls or even through the loading dock area. Bird pets can cause damage by blocking the gutters which can cause rain water to back up and possibly cause damage to the roof and structure of your building. Bird pests can also dislodge the tiles on the roof. Bird pests will build unsightly nests and then leave unsightly bird droppings causing a potential slipping hazard.

Bird pests can also attack your customers and/or employees aggressively during breeding season. This is when birds are the most aggressive because they are protecting their young. Also, there’s the health aspect of pest birds carrying mites, ticks, fleas and lice which carry diseases and are a health risk.

If birds are nesting or roosting in an unwanted area, bird netting can be used as a physical barrier. Bird netting keeps birds that are pests out of areas that they aren’t wanted in. When the netting is installed by a professional pest control company, it’s very discreet. Bird netting is both effective and efficient.

We can put expert bird control measures in effect which will have your business free of bird pests and the associated safety and health hazards. We inspect and evaluate chimneys, vents, fire escapes, rooftops, and more to see just what kind of bird pest problem you have. If you want your business protected against the hazard of bird pests, then call General Pest Control

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