bird electric shock system

Birds when they become pests can be a costly expense for a landlord or commercial property owner. Bird droppings can damage AC units; solar panels, skylights and other things on a rooftop besides the roof. There’s also the unsightly droppings on windows, awning, walkways and signs that drive away business. Then because bird droppings are so unsightly; a health hazard and a safety issue, you have to do costly repairs and clean-up.

If you’re an owner of a restaurant or in the food service business, you could be shut down by health inspectors too or subjected to fines if you have a bird pest problem. Massive amounts of bird droppings are not permitted to be on property which serves food. This problem then can have a major effect on your business.

What we use for this problem

We use an Electric Shock System. An Electric Shock System is a low profile deterrent for birds. It prevents the birds from nesting, perching or landing in an unwanted area. The individual tracks of the shock system are completely discreet because they lie flat on the sills of buildings and ledges. They can be placed on eaves, signs, parapet walls and I-beam rooflines too. They also can be used on curved or flat surfaces.

When the birds land on the tracks of the shock system, the tracks give the birds a mild electrical shock. This won’t harm the birds either, but it will train them to stay off unwanted areas. These systems can be solar powered or plugged in. This electric shock system can be used to deter pigeons, gulls, sparrows, starlings, crows and other bird species. To take care of a bird pest problem, call the experts at General Pest Control.

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