bird dropping cleanup

Bird droppings are not only hazard to your health but can cause accident from slipping and falling. A person can be at a high risk when attempting to clean up bird droppings, if they’re not a professional pest control expert. Here at General Pest Control, we will clean up the droppings and then disinfect the area. We will also remove unwanted bird nests. Also, power washing may be used as well as scraping brushes and vacuuming to remove debris to complete the job professionally.

Bird droppings can create many potential hazards in and around your business:

  • Customers can slip and fall from bird droppings
  • Bird droppings can raise health and respiratory issues
  • Bird droppings can attract other insects and bird mites
  • The droppings are unattractive and unsightly

There are diseases which can develop from pigeon droppings:

  • Histoplasmosis: this disease is that grows in the droppings of pigeons which develops from a fungus.
  • Cyptocococcocis: This is another disease that’s fungal and develops from the droppings of pigeons.
  • Psittacosis: This is a rare infectious disease. It’s caused after the bird droppings dry. Then the when the particles become airborne and people inhale them and then become sick

How to remove bird droppings

  • First everything is disinfected and sanitized
  • Then power washing to remove pigeon droppings
  • Then scraping brushes are used
  • The last step is using a commercial vacuum to remove debris

As you can see bird droppings are not only hazardous but a threat to health too.

Facts about General Pest Control

  • We are a family owned business
  • We are dedicated to our customers
  • We have 15 years of extermination experience
  • Our employees are highly trained and experienced exterminators

If you have unsightly droppings in the Blauvelt, NY or surrounding Rockland County area, around your business or home, call us today.

More information about our birds control services you can find here