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Beetles are sometimes mistaken for cockroaches. But, if it’s an adult, it can be identified by the wings. The wings of a beetle are hard and look more like a shell than actual wings. It folds its front wings over the back wings which is why it has this appearance. The wings are both durable and waterproof so that the beetle has protection against both dehydration and damage. But, most beetles are poor fliers even though they have wings. Also beetles come in an assortment of all sizes, colors and shapes. If you have an invasion of beetles, calling professional help for beetle control is suggested.

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Beetles can be very destructive depending upon the kind that’s in your home or business. A carpet beetle will devour feathers and natural fibers. They also do damage to fabric and woolen articles. A powderpost beetle will feed on hardwood, items of wood and furniture. A flour and grain beetle will get into your flour and grain products. In addition, some beetles will attack landscapes, gardens and lawns.


Beetles which show up in your home and businesses are in three basic groups. The wood-destroying beetle, the food product beetle and the fabric-infesting beetle. Treatment may vary depending on the species of the beetle. But the pest management program, set up by a pest control expert, can be followed for all three. As part of the pest management program, the professional exterminator will examine the problem areas and identify the pest. Once identified, a pest control program will be put in place. This program will cover educating the customer on the life cycle of beetles and why it’s important to exterminate all stages of the life cycle. There may also be pheromone based beetle trap plus, managing the habitant that drew them in. Furthermore, the professional may recommend an insect growth regulator or chemical control the beetles.

To rid beetles from your home or business in Spring Valley, NY, or within the Rockland County area, it’s best to call a professional exterminator. General Pest Control is just a phone call away.

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