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Everyone knows that bees are an important to the agricultural system. However, you don’t want them flying around inside your home. If you have a bees control problem then, it is a good idea to call a professional. This is because identifying what type of bee is the problem is the first step to removing them, for one type of bee is removed differently than another type.

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There are different types of bees such as bumble bees, honey bees and carpenter bees to name a few. Knowing which bee has taken up residence is important to pest control. Below are some bee descriptions so as to further this end:

  • Bumble bees are about ½ inch to an inch long; they are black behind their wings and have three yellow stripes on their bodies. Because they are fuzzy haired, these hairs allow them to carry pollen back to the hive from flower contact. These bees are often found in woods, parks or fields. Bumble bees most often build their nests at ground level. They will also take over an abandoned hole of a rodent, or build under a shed or even a compost pile. In addition, hives may be constructed in birdhouses and trees. Nests of bumblebees are smaller with only about 400 bees in them where a honey bee could have up to 50,000 bees in a hive. A bumble bee can sting many times and still live, but will only sting if provoked.
  • Honey bees are also yellow and black, but are much smaller than bumble bees. Honey bees can be found near beekeeper hives; in hollow trees, fence posts and logs. Honey bees rarely build inside a home, but if they do, it’s usually inside walls, crawl spaces or attics. Honey bees can only sting once because of the barb on the stinger attaches itself to the victim and pulls out of the bee. The bee then dies.
  • Carpenter bees are also known as wood bees. These bees resemble the bumble bee because they are about the same size although they aren’t fuzzy. These bees are found in woods, fields, parks and homes. This type of bee burrows into wood to raise their young. These bees don’t do a lot of damage at first until there is a good number of them. Then they make more holes and make messes from the pollen they use. This pollen is used for the nest chambers and can stain the surface of wood. These bees do not always sting, but if they do, only the females can sting.


To remove bees, the best and safest method is to call a pest control specialist. General Pest control will send out a pest removal specialist who will wear the proactive gear necessary for removing bees. Also, our professional will know what type of bee it is that you have and the best method for removal. Proper methods of pest control are important with bees because if this done wrong then the bees can become a dangerous problem.

When you have a bee management issue in Airmont, NY, or anywhere in the Rockland County area, call us at General Pest Control.

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