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Bedbugs are surprisingly small, about the size of an apple seed. They’re flat, oval shaped and reddish brown. They become swollen and turn a true reddish color after feasting on their victim though. Furthermore, since bedbugs only feed on blood, they can leave red welts on your skin. Also, they are especially active at night when you’re asleep. Bedbugs can be found in the seams of mattresses, furniture, sheets, cracks and crevices; behind baseboards, picture frames and electrical outlets. Additionally, they’re often found in hotels because they can travel easily from room to room by hitching rides on luggage, briefcases and purses. A bedbug infestation is difficult too to get control of yourself once it starts, so you will need a professional exterminator to eliminate them.

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When a juvenile bedbug grows, it sheds its skin and leaves the casing behind. This casing then can indicate the presence of an infestation. Also, after the bedbugs eat, they return to what is their safe places to hide. Now when they defecate they leave brown or black stains on porous surfaces such as your sheets, and brown or black mounds on non-porous surfaces such as your dresser. In all, the female reproduces one to five eggs a day and could lay between 200-500 eggs in its lifetime. These small cream colored eggs are laid in hidden places such as the dark crevices and cracks in the trim and molding around the walls and floors of a home’s sleeping places. Too, if the room temperature is normal and they have an adequate food supply; a person’s blood, the most common species’ lifespans can be up to 300 days. Bedbugs additionally have a distinctive sweetish scent that’s unpleasant.

The bite of a bedbug can leave an itchy welt on your skin and in some people it causes an allergic reaction such as severe itching. Also, there are different species of bedbugs, but the common bedbug is called cimex lectualris. This type of bedbug is exceptionally adaptable to the environment humans live in. Other species will feed on humans in a pinch, but prefer bats and birds.


  • Some tips about bedbugs are to remove all the clutter from your home which then makes it easier to spot them.
  • Also wash and dry the linens from your bed on the hottest temperature that you can.
  • If you buy any second hand furniture, closely inspect it before bringing the furniture inside your home.
  • Always inspect your home after coming back from a trip, a service call; after moving or having an overnight guest.
  • If traveling, look for any infestation. Check the seams mattresses, for rust colored spots on bed sheets; check mattress tags and bed skirtings.
  • Also, look under the mattress, around the headboard, bed frame and the furniture. Bedbugs can be found within a 1.5-meter radius of a bed.
  • Put your luggage on a clean rack away from the bed. This is because bedbugs can be hidden in picture frames, artwork, headboards and electrical outlets.
  • When you return home, put your clothes immediately in the dryer for at least 15 minutes on the highest setting allowable for the clothing.


If you find bedbugs in your home call us at General Pest Control immediately. A professionally trained bedbug exterminator will visit your home. Your entire home will be examined including the bed, furniture, rugs and sheets in your bedroom. Tools will be used to check all the crevices and cracks. The exterminator will work his or her way through your home checking for signs of live or dead bugs and cast off skins. Also there will be a check for small spots of fecal material and tiny cream colored eggs hidden in the crevices mentioned.

Now after the inspection, there will be an assessment of the situation. The severity of the infestation will then be considered so that we can recommend a plan of action that will decisively end your problem. Whatever bedbug treatment is suggested; it will be make sure that the larvae of the bedbugs is targeted as well as the adult bedbugs. A follow up visit also will be made later to make sure that the problem is completely eradicated. Additionally, periodic visits by control experts are suggested; especially for regular business or vacation travelers, to prevent another infestation.


If you find yourself with a bedbug infestation in the villages of Upper Nyack, NY, or Wesley Hills, NY, or anywhere in the Rockland County area; call us at General Pest Control. We can solve your bedbug problem.

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