bat control and removal

There are many old wives’ tales about bats such as that bats will try to entangle themselves intentionally in a person’s hair. Or scarier yet, that bats are after blood to drink and will sneak into your bed to attack you. These tales are unfounded, and the bats that do drink blood; which are few as a species, don’t live in the United States. The bats that do live in the U.S. actually do a lot of good by eating thousands of different insects in the night. Removing them humanely, which is the law, should be done by a professional because they need to be treated with both caution and the respect due all wild animals. 

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Bats live in colonies and these colonies can have 25 bats; or hundreds of bats. Also, bats create a mess wherever they live. Their droppings will not only damage the area and material which they land on, but the odor of the feces is pungent and unmistakable once you smell it. In addition, the bat droppings contain microbes, and these microbes can cause respiratory diseases. The urine of the bat can cause the degradation of insulation, wood and flooring too. Plus, the combination of urine and feces makes a fluid which will seep into the living areas of a home through the ceilings, making the home so contaminated that it can’t be lived in. Only a pest control professional or a wildlife expert should handle bats because a bat infestation is an extremely severe problem.


Bats must be removed in a way that doesn’t harm the bats because they are a protected animal, falling under the codes that govern game animals. It makes sense also to do humane removal since the bats themselves will leave a home at night to hunt insect prey. Then when the bats leave; netting, funnels, screen or cones can be setup where the primary entrance or exit areas are for the bats. The idea is to allow them to fly out at night, but not let them have access back indoors. In addition, this should be done by professionals because the harmful microbes in an infested area. Pest control needs to be done by the people involved wearing special suits and respirators because of this hazard.

Removing bats is strictly a professional’s job. If you have a bat pest control problem in the Pomona, NY area, or within the Rockland County area; call us at General Pest Control today.

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