Ant control

When ants find their way into a home and take up residence they are difficult to get rid of. This is because the ant queen has found that your home is the perfect spot to bring up her young, which is what attracted her, so she built a secure nest which means hidden and hard to get to for extermination. What attracts ants to a home is a source of both water and food, and it’s away from the elements and predators so it’s perfect for expanding a colony. Below are some facts about ants so you’ll know how to deal with an infestation.

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First of all, knowing what kind of ant you have in your home is important. If you know what kind of ant you’re dealing with, it’s easier to know where the nest should be. You’ll also know what kind of food you have that’s attracting them and what kind of ant control management methods you’ll be needing.

Now, the little black ants usually live in a colony outside. They enter your home to look for sugar, meat and starches. So if you have a black ant infestation, the ant trail back to the nest can be followed and methods used to eliminate the problem. Then the entry points can be found and sealed so that the ants can’t find their way back in. This must be done by an ant extermination professional though, as correctly following a trail back the main nest is usually very complicated and difficult to do, this is where our experience and resources work for you.

However; if you’re dealing with carpenter ants that’s another issue entirely. These ants are difficult to control by yourself and love to nest in wood that is moist. The nests of ants can cause damage to wood too; wood that already may have a weakness issue from a leak that has made it wet. So in this case, ants make a bad problem worse because they are attracted to the wet spot (weak spot) of the wood in your home and make it even weaker. The ants then can cause major structural damage by their chewing. So this is a bigger problem than some ants just taking a walk across the counter and getting into your sugar bowl. Also finding a carpenter ant nest can be difficult since they nest both outside and inside your home. For this, you’ll have to call an ant exterminator to set up a plan for getting rid of them.

Also, make sure that your pests really are ants! A lot of people mistake other bugs for ants, such as bed bugs, various types of flys, as well as various types of insects. Each of these have different types within their categories and each of those types behaves differently. With more than 15 years of experience in pest control, we have seen it all and can take care of any pest extermination needs you may have.


Learning how to prevent ants from coming into your home is the first step to ant control. So by contacting General Pest Control, we can set up an ongoing service plan. You also may need a treatment on the outside and inside of your home. Additionally, you may need to have entry points sealed up and inspections completed for wet wood.

Now practicing excellent sanitation techniques is also a must for ant control. Because the harder you make if for ants to find food, the less likely they will be to set up a colony or stay in one. In addition, keep in mind that what looks like a spotless kitchen to you at first may not really be so. For a few grains of sugar on the counter and a few crumbs on the floor to the ants is a smorgasbord. So vacuum every day, paying attention especially to the baseboards, behind appliances and furniture you may normally overlook. Also, ants will find your trash if you leave it unemptied. Remove trash as soon as the bag is full.

Plus; food storage is important as well. An ant can find its way into a cereal box if all you do is roll the inside bag tight. Use airtight containers instead to store your food to keep the ants out. Since ants can eat the residue from anything sticky, make sure you wipe up spills quickly also. So keep food stored in ant proof containers and stored in hard to enter containers such as mason jars or plastic bags which reseal.


DIY methods don’t always work. The sprays are meant to kill the ants that are running around your house and perhaps deter them. However, these sprays don’t have a lasting effect and if the ants can still get in your home, they’ll just use an alternate route. Furthermore, the colony will still be there, reproducing because you didn’t kill the queen. Additionally, some colonies live underground so simple DIY methods don’t get to it. So as long as the queen is unharmed, you’ll have more ants since she is the sole ant that populates the nest and does not forage so you will never see her. Also, an ant is very capable. Scent trails not only lead to food, but to other satellite colonies that they can retreat to if their nest has been treated.


At General Pest Control, we can do an ant extermination for you. Our treatments are delivered by a trained ant exterminator who will check out entry points and give you a plan of action. Many residents of towns which are near the Hudson River report high instances of ant infestation. These areas include Nyack, West Nyack, Haverstraw and Stony Point.  So if you have an ant problem and you live in Rockland County NY or the surrounding area, give us a call.

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