General Pest Control is a family owned business that you can depend upon for quality pest control. We provide the best in effective pest management services for residential and commercial customers. This is because we are both professional and experienced in the pest control business and have been serving Rockland County and the surrounding area for over 15 years. Furthermore, our reliable “satisfaction guarantee” means returning customers who feel safe in our hands.



The array of pests that can wreak havoc in your home are numerous, and we deal with all of them. Now your home has everything a bug, spider or rodent needs to breed and multiply; warmth from the elements, shelter and food. In addition, these three factors make for the perfect breeding ground for pests which means even more pests from population growth.

But for each pest that invades your home, we have a method to get rid of it. Our professional and friendly pest exterminators are always happy to answer any questions that you may have too. Plus; to give you further peace of mind, you can schedule a monthly residential pest management program with our trained office staff. Now our plan is not only affordable, but will prevent future pest infestations.



If you have a pest or rodent problem on your commercial property, damage to the property is only one of the concerns. This is because employees, customers and vendors can feel threatened by rodents, spiders or insects. So the pests are not only a liability and even a danger to everyone’s health, but can hurt your business image. But General Pest Control is well equipped to handle pests of every kind in Rockland County and the surrounding area. So if you have a pest control problem, call us.



Bugs, spiders and rodents love warehouses and large storage areas. In these places they can hide in areas which are difficult to reach; tall shelves and even boxes of merchandise. Our industrial exterminators will check your building from floor to ceiling; and everywhere in-between, to get to the bottom of your pest problem to keep your business pest free.


Termites do a lot of damage to homes and are considered to be the biggest threat to wood which is used so much in homes and buildings. That is why property destruction caused by termites is even greater than the harm caused by natural calamities and fires in dollar damage. There are wide choices for termite control and termite extermination which can be used by our professional exterminators at General Pest Control. So for termite removal, call us if you live in Clarkstown, NY, and the surrounding areas.
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Don’t DIY an ant problem in your home. You can make it worse. Too, once ants are established in your home, you may have permanent guests since ants are always searching for food. Also, once in your home, they have everything dealing that they desire. So your home becomes their base of operations where they are snug and warm. But not if you use General Pest Control; we can help you to get rid of these pests. So call us up today if you live in Haverstraw, NY, or Rockland County.
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Squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits can be cute to watch, until the damage starts to show up. Because as an example, squirrels and chipmunks will destroy walls as they dig holes which undermine foundations to store food. But a General Pest Control exterminator has the tools to assess, find and access the places that they hide in. So they will trap and remove the rodents and then check and locate entry points which then need to be blocked. So if you need an exterminator in Orangetown, NY, or Ramapo, NY, or in the area of Rockland County; call us today.
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One of a homeowner’s worse nightmares is a bedbug infestation. Now having bedbugs doesn’t mean that you have a dirty home; bedbugs can hitch a ride from hotels, gyms; on luggage and even you. Also these bugs are difficult to find and only a trained bedbug exterminator can really solve your infestation problem. That’s where we come in. We here at General Pest Control will get rid of your infestation so that you can sleep easy again. So if you’re having a problem in the Stoney Point area or anywhere in the Rockland Country area, call us today!
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Cockroaches…just saying the word brings pictures of creepy, scuttling noises in the night. Further, if you have an infestation of cockroaches, over-the-counter products rarely work. Plus; not only are over-the-counter products ineffective, the roaches can build up a resistance to them. So the only real way to make sure that you have gotten rid of these pests is to have them professionally exterminated. Our professional cockroach exterminators will be more than happy to help you with your roach problem. So if you live in the village of Airmont, NY, or Chestnut Ridge, NY, or the Rockland County area; call us at General Pest Control, and we can fix your problem.
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Rats in your home are bad news. Rats can spread disease as well as spoil food in your pantries and chew on electrical wires. They leave behind bacteria by spreading their fecal droppings everywhere also. This contaminates food, your dishes and even your counters. Getting rid of them isn’t easy either and should be done by a professional rat exterminator. This is because a professional knows where to look for openings that a rat could have used to get into your home. So if you have a rat problem in the village of Grand-View-on-Hudson, NY, or Haverston, NY, and within the Rockland County area; call us today at General Pest Control to take care of the rat extermination for you.
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Birds can contaminate products and do damage to the exterior of buildings with their droppings which can even cause a drop in business. There are even some species of birds that can spread diseases to humans and be a public health threat. So if birds are a problem for you, contact us. We have bird exterminators who can professionally remove them and use methods to prevent the birds from accessing nesting sites. So call us today if you’re having bird problems in the Hillburn, NY, and Kaser, NY- area, or anywhere within the Rockland County area.
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One mouse in your house doesn’t seem much of a problem, but it is. Because that’s only the one that you saw; what about the full nest of them hidden in the basement? The problem too is that not only are mice great at chewing holes in the walls and destroying wires; a real fire hazard, but they can spread diseases also. But our professional mouse exterminators can help you get rid of your mice infestation. So just call us today, General Pest Control, if you live in the Montebello, NY, or New Hempstead, NY-area, or anywhere in Rockland County.
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Most of the spiders you see in your home or business are harmless and are just hanging around catching the insects which are in your home. Many spiders do bite though and some people are deadly afraid of spiders. Places that spiders like to live in are basements, attics, under decks and crawl spaces to name a few favorite areas. So if you have a spider infestation in the Rockland County area in such places as New Square, NY, and Nyack, NY; call us and we’ll send out a spider exterminator to take care of your problem.
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Wasps nests are built either on the inside or near the openings of homes. Wasps will also build nests in attic spaces or in the void of a wall, and sometimes a homeowner isn’t even aware that there’s a nest until wasps are in the house. Or worse, the homeowner may see the nest and seal up the entry. Then there’s a whole nest of angry wasps that are chewing through the ceiling or wallboards trying to get out; and they live with you which is now a really bad problem. So the best thing to do is to call in a professional wasp exterminator first to handle this very delicate problem. So if you have a wasp problem in Piermont, NY, or Pomona, NY, or the Rockland county area; call us at General Pest Control.
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Ticks are more than a pest; they can cause serious illnesses in both you and your pets. As an example, if a deer tick bites you, you can be susceptible to Lyme’s disease. Therefore; a tick infestation in your home is nothing to be taken lightly. So if you see ticks, call us immediately; we can send out one of our professional tick exterminators who will then take care of the problem for you. So call us at General Pest Control do this service in the villages of Sloatsburg, NY, and South Nyack, NY, in Rockland County.
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